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cPanel Web Hosting

$2.95 USD

Getting started in web hosting has never been easier with our Cpanel web hosting. Using the award winning Cpanel control panel, hosting a website is simple and easy to use.

Virtual Private Servers

$14.95 USD

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual container on a shared node. This is great for clients looking to host multiple websites and services on one server.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

$34.95 USD

A Virtual Dedicated Server is a virtual machine with dedicated resources. It operates like a dedicated server but on a virtual platform.

Dedicated Servers

$44.95 USD

A dedicated server is your own personal server. It is your own machine on a rack fully dedicated to you.


The Power of Cpanel

Cpanel is the leading web hosting control panel on the market. It hosts millions of websites worldwide and is known for its ease of use, stability and security. Built to run on the CentOS Linux distribution, it allows anyone to host a Linux based web server with very little experience in web hosting or the Linux operating system.



14 data center locations worldwide

We have a choice of 14 data centers worldwide which allows for the best connection no matter where in the world you’re located. We have premium carriers such as Hurricane Electric, Zayo and Cogent. No matter where in the world you are, you can expect a good connection.


Full Administrator

Install what you want how you want it

All virtual private servers, virtual dedicated servers and dedicated servers come with full root/administrator access. Install and configure programs the way you want them and upload what you want to your server. You have full control.


24/7 PING

Get your network monitored for outages

We use professional software to monitor your server and network. Based on the level of monitoring you want we can monitor everything from ping time to server resources. Never fear an outage again with professional server monitoring.



We offer up to a 10Gbps Port Speed

We take pride in our network speeds, we offer everything from 5Mbps to 10Gbps connections and those connections are backed by a vast global peering network. We have top of the line routes, switches and network cards to make sure the connection you buy is the connection you get.



Get your service backed up automatically

With our automatic backup service we can snapshot any virtual private server, virtual dedicated server and dedicated server regardless of it being Linux or Windows. This snapshot makes a copy of your entire server which can be restored by the bush of a button.


shortly about us

The compant was founded in May 2009. After months of preparation, RegencyHost is now currently offering hosting solutions that compete with some of the largest hosting providers on the market. Regencyhost Specializes in Cpanel web hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Dedicated Cloud Servers and Dedicated Server solutions. We offer solutions that are fit for any user backed by professional support around the clock. Our solutions offer services ranging from personal blogs to large enterprise business, media sharing websites, or large forum communities. Regencyhost utilizes the latest software and hardware technology to ensure top notch server performance and stability. We guarantee 99% uptime on our network so you can expect no unexpected downtimes.

Hosting with RegencyHost will not be a disappointment and we offer 24/7/365 support to our customers. There are no commitments and forced contracts on any of our plans and services. We have a fully trained and qualified support team on duty around the clock, ready to serve you. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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