Professional Server and Application Monitoring

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Nothing is worse than finding out you have had your website or server down all day and never knew it. Regardless of how high quality hardware is or how well configured a server is things do happen. Hardware fails and things get messed up that is the nature of modern technology. As many redundencys you put in place things can still fail regardless of how much you prepaired. RegencyHost offers professional service monitoring part of all of our packages. We can monitor your server for ping/network failures, hardware failures, downtime and resource overloads.


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Ping Monitor
We monitor your server for ping response times and averages. This means your ping is monitored and logged so it can be analized if there is ever a network issue. If your ping reaches a critical point alarms will go off for our technicians to investigate.

24/7 Monitoring
Our monitors are watched 24/7 and equipped with noise sounding alarms. All issues are logged and investigated. Alarms are automated and our techs are trained to watch for issues that may arise.

Route Monitoring
In the event of a connectivity issue we can trace back routes in our network and quickly have our data centers reroute so you do not loose packets to your server.

Special Instructions
Everyone runs their servers their own way so we allow for clients to provide our techs instructions on how to deal with a outage or alert. We can notify you of downtime or you may instruct us to act on it such as restarting the server. Its entirely up to you contact us for more information.

Zabbix Professional Monitoring

zabbix monitoring

Zabbix is the ultimate enterprise-level software designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components.

With Zabbix it is possible to gather virtually limitless types of data from the network. High performance real-time monitoring means that tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices can be monitored simultaneously. Along with storing the data, visualization features are available (overviews, maps, graphs, screens, etc), as well as very flexible ways of analyzing the data for the purpose of alerting.

Zabbix offers great performance for data gathering and can be scaled to very large environments. Distributed monitoring options are available with the use of Zabbix proxies. Zabbix comes with a web-based interface, secure user authentication and a flexible user permission schema. Polling and trapping is supported, with native high performance agents gathering data from virtually any popular operating system; agent-less monitoring methods are available as well.

Web monitoring as well as monitoring of Xen virtual machines is possible with Zabbix. Zabbix can automatically discover network servers and devices, as well as perform low-level discovery with methods of automatically assigning performance and availability checks to discovered entities.