Virtual Private Servers

Starter Virtual Private Servers (5-10Mbps)

Starter Virtual Private Servers are for entry level hosting. Ranging between 5-10Mbps connection speeds, this VPS is great for getting started with your own server. Powered by Linux or Windows server operating systems you get full administrator/root acess to your server and the ability to configure it how you want it. Starter VPS servers are a great start when entering into the world of virtual private servers.


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Small Buisness Virtual Private Servers (100Mbps)

100Mbps Virtual Private Servers are geared for small buisness level traffic, with a 100mbps connection you can host a variety of services without load issues. Powered by Xen you get resources dedicated to your virtual machine and full root/administrator acess. The 100Mbps VPS is a great platform to host your small buisness.


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Medium Size Buisness Virtual Private Servers (1Gbps)

1Gbps Virtual Private Servers are the perfect choice for a medium size buisness. 1Gbps can host several services including websites, email and file servers. Backed by a 10Tbps backbone and Teir1 unmetered bandwith you can not go wrong with a 1Gbps virtual private server powered by Xen.



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Corporate & Enterprise Virtual Private Servers (10Gbps)

10Gbps Virtual Private Server is a extremely powerful platform that can host several if not all necessary services for a corporate size buisness. With unmetered bandwidth and global peering you have complete connectivity around the globe to take your buisness international. All resources are 100% dedicated and never oversubscribed giving you unintrupted connectivity.



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What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private servers are virtual containers on a physical server node shared by others. Much like a dedicated server, the virtual container allows you to have your own independent operation system installation. This gives you the ability to install your own applications and manage your own server the way you would on a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost. Virtual private servers are intended for those who want the freedom of your own operation system installation but without the need of the full power a dedicated server can provide. A virtual private server is a great middle ground between cPanel web hosting and a dedicated server.


Shared Hosting or a Virtual Private Server?

When starting a website there are two different and major factors to consider when it comes to cheap web service hosting; should I get shared hosting or virtual private server hosting? Both the options have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Multiple areas have to be taken care of before making a decision between these options. In a shared environment, customers share the same physical server which will help keep costs lower than if a person had to buy or rent a single server. The difference is that a virtual private server maintains your ability to fully manage the server without restriction, unlike a shared server where you are limited by the control panel. Where as virtual private servers hosting are much reliable compared to shared hosting, The basic reason is the freedom of service. In the virtual environment it’s possible to move your data to a more substantial or high end server if your requirements increase. You can accomplish this with minimum downtime. A virtual private server also allows you to host services that are not website related. You can host anything from your own VOIP server to setting up your own VPN. There is no restriction on a VPS as you completely are given root or administrator access.


Multiple Locations

Regencyhost gives the customers the power of choice in their web services by allowing them to choose where their VPS is located. There are several unique locations across the world spread out so that no matter where you are you can get a good ping time to your server.

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